Lancaster takes another look at solar facilities

From left, newly elected members Craig Giese and William Smith join chairman Ernest Palin, vice chairman Jason Bellows and William Lee on the Lancaster board of supervisors.

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—The Lancaster board of supervisors on January 13 held a special work session with the planning commission to take another look at the ordinance and comprehensive plan as it relates to utility scale solar facilities.

Reviewing the issues surrounding solar, director of planning and land use Brian Barnes said, “There are a lot of competing land needs and things are changing very quickly,” with agriculture, recreation, commercial and residential expansion among the many uses in addition to the potential growth of solar facilities.

Barnes pointed to the county’s comprehensive plan. “That’s our mandate. The comprehensive plan, the zoning ordinance and the actions of the county” all have to work together, he said.

Barnes presented a number of slides about the importance of agriculture to….[to-view-more]