‘Legendary Texacos’ hold 60th reunion

The Kilmarnock/Lancaster Texacos softball team gathered April 22 at Dream Fields in Kilmarnock to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the team's beginning in 1957. Organizer Carroll Lee Ashburn noted 23 former teammates reminisced with family, friends, fans and each other about the good old days of fast pitch softball. Some 40 people attended the event, he said. From left are (front row) Sonny Hinton, George Ed Hutchings and scorekeeper Mae Umphlett; (next row) Ed Pittman, Gene Forrester, Ashburn, Charlie Dixon, Harvey Hinton, Lester Brent, William Fitchett, Doug Walker, Rusty Haynie, Gene Wilson, Bobby Abbott and Jim Coates; (next row) Bob Falin, Buddy Keyser, Bill Goss, Herbert Hammock, Tom Bonner, Sonny Thomas, E.O. Harding, Teeny Man Hall, Steve Cornwell, Hastings Hutchings and Ralph Harcum. Photo by Rachel Valdrighi