Letter Guidelines

Letter writers are reminded of the 300-word maximum on all letters.

Letters may be submitted by email to editor@rapprecord.com, by fax at 435-2632, by mail at P.O. Box 400, or in person at 27 North Main Street in Kilmarnock, where there is a mail slot in the door for after-hours submissions.

All letters should be addressed to the editor. Remember to include your name, phone number and place of residence on all letters. All letters are subject to editing.

All letters appear at the discretion of the editor and/or publisher. When space is not available in the paper, letters may occasionally appear in the Opinion section of the Record website, RRecord.com.

Letters praising or condemning private businesses, letters of a personal nature and personal thank-you letters will not run. Letters penned by the same writer will not run in consecutive issues.

Campaign letters should address the issues and avoid personal attacks.

Letters which appear to be part of a letter-writing campaign, those which appear to be lifted from a blog or other internet site, and those which otherwise appear not to be the work of the person under whose name the letter is submitted will not run.

Under state law, writers who knowingly submit false information to a newspaper for publication are subject to misdemeanor charges.