‘Local Ladies of Beauty’ graces Lancaster Community Library

Photographer Terry Willis, pointing at a portrait of Margaret Carter, says her inspiration for “Local Ladies of Beauty” was to showcase Black women in the community who everyone knows by their faces, but maybe not their name. The exhibit features ladies of multiple generations and backgrounds.

by AnnGardner Eubank

Radiance, joy, steadfast work ethic, humility, grace and beauty: these are just some of the characteristics photographer Terry Willis captured in her exposé of Black women in the area now on display at the Lancaster Community Library, 16 Town Centre Drive, Kilmarnock.

“These are women we see every day but we never know their name. These photographs are a beautiful way to put a name to a face, to give exposure,” Willis said.

Willis spent about six months on the project in preparation for it to be on display for Black History Month. This is her third display to be….[to-view-more]