Making music in Kilmarnock

The Yutes working in their Kilmarnock home studio.

by AnnGardner Eubank

The brother duo known as The Yutes—consisting of former Lancaster High School students Santris Palmer, 25, and Chris Palmer, 24—has been blazing a trail into the American hiphop scene, using their Jamaican heritage to create a distinctive sound that blends their island roots with modern trap music elements. 

“Yutes” is Jamaican slang for “youths,” and serves as a form of homage to their Caribbean roots. 

The Palmer brothers—who were born in Kingston, Jamaica—moved to Kilmarnock and began recording music here in 2012, some 14 years after their grandmother had relocated to the Northern Neck.

Santris said that since relocating to the area, the duo has become much more exposed to a variety of sounds and styles…. [to-view-more]