Mark Tures wins RPRC Know Your Limits match

From left are Mark Tures, Jan Jamrog and Tom Smith.

The Rappahannock Pistol & Rifle Club conducted a “Know Your Limit” (KYL) bench rest rim-fire rifle match Saturday, September 18, on its 100-yard range near White Stone.

The KYL targets consisted of eight reactive circular metal targets arranged on a pipe so as to swing when hit, reported competition officer Eric Lindstrom. The targets ranged in size from 2 inches to 1/4 inch in diameter. Targets were engaged in order from largest to smallest with a decrease in size by 1/4 inch from one target to the next at distances from 50, 75, and 100 yards.

Competitors were allowed to end their string if they were not confident in their ability to hit the next smaller target. They would retain all points accumulated, but if the competitor chose to advance to the next smaller target and missed, he lost the points for the last target hit. Target values ranged from 10-80 at 50 yards, 20-160 at 75 yards, and 30-240 at 100 yards, increasing in value as the target size decreased and as the distance increased…[to-view-more]