Montessori School taking orders for Super Bowl chili

Hot chili for a chilly day will be served by the Northern Neck Montessori School in time for Super Bowl weekend.

“Staff and volunteers at the school will be preparing up to 50 gallons of fresh, beefy chili and cornbread muffins to go with it,” said administrator Beth Rohne.

“For a suggested donation of $15, the School will have ready a quart of Rachel Harding-Griffith’s special recipe chili and four muffins in ‘to go’ containers at the School on Friday, February 3,” said Rohne.

The school is located at 97 FMC Drive, Kilmarnock. School families are taking orders, or folks may call 435-3503 to place orders. For planning, orders are requested by January 27.

“Chili is the quintessential cold-weather stew,” said Rohne, “But it can have a long list of ingredients and take time to prepare. We are happy to do the work for you on a busy football weekend and let you beat the weather indoors with this traditional favorite.”