Museum ships on the air June 3-4 weekend

This weekend, the Rappahannock Amateur Radio Association will broadcast from the dock next to the Claud W Somers at the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum.

“It’s part of a fun event sponsored by the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Association. Amateur operators all over the world try to contact as many museum ships as they can,” said club president Wes Werling.

“We will highlight the Claud W Somers, a famous skipjack that has been restored at the museum. Ninety three museum ships ranging from military vessels to a yacht are signed up from 11 countries,” continued Werling.

“Somers is the only skipjack and one of 11 ‘first timers’ to museum ships weekend so we expect a large pileup of operators trying to make contact. This is a very popular radio event with many types of historical ships—battleships, aircraft carriers, the USS Nautilus, submarines and many other ships,” he said. “We are pleased to spread the word about the Somers and the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum literally around the world.”

The club, call W4NNK, will operate from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4.

“Please visit us under the pavilion and see the action close up,” said Werling. “Who knows, you may get to talk on the air.”