Music appreciation series continues with the fugue

The ingenious construction of the fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach is showcased in the second program of the Northern Neck Orchestra’s (NNO) four-part video series “Music with Michael Repper.” 

The free talk, “Music for the Age of Enlightenment: The Art of the Fugue,” is now available at

NNO music director Michael Repper reviews the structure of the fugue, identifies the roles of its individual lines or voices and shows how their interaction creates harmonies.   

“Like the beautiful gothic buildings of the Baroque period, the complexity and intricacy of the era’s art influenced Bach and the development of the fugue, creating music of astounding beauty,” he said.

Repper performs Bach’s C Minor Fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 to demonstrate how….[to-view-more]