New DVD tells the story of the Northern Neck’s historic churches

As folks drive along the highways and back roads of the Northern Neck, many of the churches they pass have a lot of history packed between their four walls. Some have stood for centuries, lovingly maintained by generations of members—some of whom are now buried in their churchyards.

Many of the churches as institutions have endured for years and so have many of the buildings that house them, surviving fire, war and economic depression. With many dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, they tell a story of a resilient people and their journey through time.

The oldest church building in the Northern Neck is Yeocomico Church, near Kinsale. It was established in 1655 as a wood frame structure, but the present brick building dates to 1706. It’s so old that the infant George Washington was likely baptized there…[to-view-more]