New location for Grace Church Yard Sale grows in popularity

The Grace Church Yard Sale continues year around in the Seventh Day Adventist Church warehouse.

More and more residents and visitors to the Northern Neck are discovering the now year-round Grace Church Yard Sale.

“While many say they will miss the previous one-day event that occurred on the first Saturday in May at the YMCA/APYC Camp Kekoka on Boys Camp Road in Kilmarnock, even more welcome the new arrangement,” reported yard sale coordinator Lucia Schoelwer.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Grace Church to cancel what would have been the 32nd annual Grace Yard Sale in May 2020. Thanks to an interfaith partnership, Grace Church was able to move its inventory to the warehouse owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church last summer.

The warehouse, behind the Seventh Day Adventist Church at 401 South Main Street, Kilmarnock, is open….[to-view-more]