Northern Neck Nutshell racing tradition continues

The Northern Neck Nutshell Racers race on the Great Wicomico River at Glebe Point.

The Northern Neck Nutshell Racers, aka Nick’s Nutty Navy, were at it again on Sunday, July 19. 

“It was awesome,” said Peter Fairfield, one of two younger sailors in the group, as the racers and spectators gathered afterwards for some shade and a cold beverage. 

“The wind was so crazy; you really had to be on your toes,” said his brother, Nathaniel Fairfield. 

All agreed it was a tricky day of sailing as the wind started out light from the south-southwest, went flat for a time then came back up out of the northeast. It blew a lively 10-15 knots southeast for a while and ended up a light south-southwest again.

Art Gilbert, who has taken part in these races for several years, said it was “Perfect for dinghy racing—lots of shifts… [to-view-more]