O’Connor has top Turkey Trot time

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

Youngsters compete in a 100-yard Tot Trot. Photo by Donna McGrath

Liam O’Connor was barely winded last Thursday when he crossed the finish line three minutes ahead of the runner-up in the five-mile race at the 20th annual Irvington Turkey Trot & Animal Food Drive.

O’Connor, 26, of Berkeley, Calif., sprinted across the finish line in 27:49.025, brimmed baseball cap turned backwards and smiling. He wasn’t sweating or breathing labored despite an impressive pace time of 5:34 a mile. It was just a morning jog through Irvington for O’Connor, who said he trained by “just running a lot.”

O’Connor was one of 81 runners in the five-mile race and a record 590 people registered in the Turkey Trot’s two events…