Piankatank River Golf Club marks its silver anniversary

by Tom Chillemi

Three holes on the back nine at the Piankatank River Golf Club overlook the river.

The Piankatank River Golf Club (PRGC) in Hartfield celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, having opened to the public on July 4, 1996. 

Four hundred acres that were farm fields and forest were transformed into Middlesex County’s first and only golf course through the vision of brothers Johnny and E.G. Fleet of Hartfield. 

A study of the feasibility of a golf course in a neighboring area led to the realization that more land was needed. This led to the Fleets taking a huge step forward in building the PRGC. 

Since 1996, the PRGC has become an integral part of the community and even nearby counties. The PRGC hosts many youth and….[to-view-more]