Planners recommend streamlined CUP process

AnnGardner Eubank

by AnnGardner Eubank

IRVINGTON—Irvington stakeholders may be able to move forward with future projects requiring a conditional use permit (CUP) at a more efficient pace following the planning commission’s November 9 meeting.

At a recent town council meeting, commission member Tom Chapman asked council to develop a more efficient time line for processing and approving CUPs.

Council had tasked the commission to draft a formal request to reduce the number of meetings needed to approve a CUP.

According to Chapman, the town code states council can only act by ordinance or resolution and that there must be two readings by council on ordinances or measures that have the effect of an ordinance.

Chapman also indicated an ordinance applies to everybody within the town while a CUP applies only to an individual. Therefore, two readings of a CUP application aren’t totally necessary….[to-view-more]