Public rejects ‘restrictive’ short term rental proposal

AnnGardner Eubank

by AnnGardner Eubank

IRVINGTON—The Irvington Business Association and residents alike took a stand against a proposed ordinance regarding short-term rentals during the Irvington Town Council’s Thursday, March 11, meeting.

A drafted ordinance proposed by councilman Wayne Nunnally listed multiple conditions and requirements for operating short-term rentals. The proposal states that anyone interested in operating a short-term rental would need to apply for a conditional use permit (CUP). The ordinance also includes a cap on how many short-term rentals would be permitted for use—5% of the number of residences within town limits. Nunnally’s draft also stipulates property owners would be required to maintain a presence within 10 miles of the property when it is rented and must be available 24/7 during each rental period.

In wake of Nunnally’s proposition, multiple residents of the town expressed their concerns and alternative ideas for managing short term rentals. Samantha Van Saun, on behalf of the Irvington Business Association, presented a revised draft …[to-view-more]