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RCC places second in national technology ranking

The Center for Digital Education (CDE) recently announced Rappahannock Community College (RCC) is again among the winners of its Digital Community Colleges Survey.

For 2017-18, RCC brought home a second-place ranking in the small college category. This marks a positive move for RCC since CDE ranked RCC third over the past two years.

 “This evaluates how we stack up against our colleagues from across the country — in our case, community colleges with under 5,000 students,” said Tim Hoffman, an eLearning specialist in the technology department.

 Hoffman served as the primary information collector for RCC. He worked with the rest of the technology team to answer and submit the survey. All of the questions required all members of the team to have input.

 While Hoffman is happy with RCC’s new ranking, he’s not sure exactly what pushed the college up to the number two spot…

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