Redistricting is completed; Northern Neck counties remain intact on final maps

RICHMOND—The Supreme Court of Virginia has unanimously approved maps establishing congressional and state legislative districts.

Under the terms of Article II, Section 6-A of the Constitution of Virginia, the Supreme Court of Virginia took over the responsibility for drawing the redistricting lines of the Commonwealth. Virginia Code § 30-399 required the Court to choose two special masters, nominated by each political party, to use input from the citizens of the Commonwealth and direction from the Justices of the Supreme Court of Virginia to establish congressional and state legislative districts.

The special masters were instructed to create maps that are fully compliant with constitutional and statutory law applied in an apolitical and nonpartisan manner, according to press release issued by the Supreme Court of Virginia on December 28.

The public was invited to participate in the process of redistricting by submitting written comments to the court, and the court hosted public hearings where the citizens of Virginia were encouraged to express their views.

According to the final order, the new maps will be implemented immediately for upcoming elections.

New districts

According to the new maps, Lancaster and Northumberland counties remain in the First Congressional District. However, the district boundaries have changed…..[to-view-more]