Registration opens for boat building workshop

Daniel Phu, Mark Hong and their grandfather, Bill Small, test their “Mabel Skiff.”

A Family Boat Building Weekend workshop is planned June 25-27 under the pavilion at the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum, 504 Main Street, Reedville.

Hosted and supervised by the volunteer Boat Shop, this workshop will give families an opportunity to build a wooden “Mabel Skiff” reminiscent of the Chesapeake skiffs that used to frequent local waters, reported executive director Lee Langston-Harrison.

The $950 fee will cover all instructions, boat materials, two t-shirts, lunches and drinks for the weekend. A set of oars and extra t-shirts can be purchased separately. Each family unit will have two seasoned instructors from the Boat Shop crew to assist….[to-view-more]