Republicans sweep top three offices statewide; Harris wins Irvington mayor’s seat

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

KILMARNOCK—From the highest state offices down to local boards and councils, Northern Neck residents had the opportunity to cast ballots this Election Day, although Virginians actually began voting on September 17.

According to the Virginia Department of Elections as of 6 a.m., Wednesday, November 3, 95% of precincts statewide had reported totals. In a tightly contested race for governor, Republican Glenn A. Youngkin beat Democrat Terry R. McAuliffe with 1,663,736 votes (50.68%) versus 1,593,637 (48.55%). Princess L. Blanding of the Liberation Party received 22,624 votes (.69%).

The run for lieutenant governor was equally tight. Republican Winsome E. Sears won with 1,659,919 votes (50.82%) over Democrat Hala S. Ayala with 1,602,975 (49.08%).

For attorney general, Republican Jason S. Miyares won with 1,649,013 votes (50.49%) over Democrat incumbent Mark R. Herring with 1,614,622 votes (49.43%).

In the House of Delegates District 99 race with 90% of precincts reporting, Republican incumbent Margaret Bevans Ransone was a winner over challenger Linwood T. Blizzard II, receiving 23,747 (65.43%) votes versus 12,516 (34.48%).

Virginia law allows for postmarked ballots received up until noon on November 5 to be counted. All results are unofficial until certified on November 15.

Local voting

Both Lancaster and Northumberland voted solidly Republican in this election. Youngkin received 3,446 votes (58.73%) in Lancaster compared to McAuliffe with 2,403 (40.95%) and Blanding with 16 (.27%). In Northumberland, Youngkin received 4,161 votes (64.05%) to McAuliffe’s 2,298 votes (35.38%) and Blanding’s 37 votes (.57%).

In the race for lieutenant governor, Sears received 3,439 votes (58.87%) in Lancaster, beating challenger Ayala who received 2,396 votes (41.01%). Sears also won in Northumberland with 4,129 votes (63.9%) to Ayala’s 2,327 votes (36.01%).

For attorney general, Lancaster chose Miyares over Herring with 3,442 votes (58.93%) versus 2,397 votes (41.04%). It was the same in Northumberland where Miyares received 4,138 votes (64.02%) while Herring received 2,323 votes (35.94%).

For the General Assembly District 99 seat, Ransone received 3,478 votes (59.58%) in Lancaster while Blizzard received 2,356 votes (40.36%). Ransone also won in Northumberland, receiving 4,199 votes (64.8%) to Blizzard’s 2,273 (35.08%).

Lancaster races

In Lancaster, there were two seats up for election on the board of supervisors and school board for Districts 1 and 5. Craig H. Giese was elected to the board of supervisors for District 1, receiving 967 votes while write-in candidates received 12. William C. Smith won the District 5 seat with 1,103 votes while write-in candidates received 15 votes.

C. Faith Kemp was elected to the school board to represent District 1 with 916 votes while the write-in candidates received 13. Margaret Socey will represent District 5, receiving 1,081 votes while write-in candidates received 13 votes.

Town races

In a tight race for Irvington Mayor, Julie W. Harris won with 167 votes, edging out Gabe G. del Rio III who received 159 votes. There were 2 write-in votes.

With the withdrawal of J. Chris Braly from the Irvington Town Council seat race, it was a strictly write-in race. There were 145 write-in votes, but according to Lancaster County deputy voter registrar Kelsey Zentmyer, the winning candidate would not be known until the electoral board completed a canvas of the votes, which was scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Wednesday, November 3.

In White Stone, James E. “Jimmy” Smith ran unopposed for a town council seat, winning with 141 votes. There were 5 write-in votes.

Northumberland races

In Northumberland there were two seats up for election for the board of supervisors and school board for Districts 2 and 3. Richard F. Haynie kept his District 2 seat on the board of supervisors with 1,080 votes. There were 58 write-in votes. Incumbent James M. Long ran unopposed in District 3, receiving 729 votes while write-in candidates received 70 votes.

On the school board, Cheryl Brown Davis won the District 2 seat over incumbent Carl L. Perez, with 819 votes versus 401 votes. There were 8 write-in votes. E. Denise Pope Mazyck held on to the District 3 seat with 718 votes. Write-in candidates received 38 votes.