Spring brings LOVEworks to Kilmarnock

From left, community development director Ashley Jones and Mayor Mae Umphlett unveil Kilmarnock’s new LOVEworks at Town Centre Park.

by Jackie Nunnery

Spring is in the air and now love is in Kilmarnock’s Town Centre Park. Community development coordinator Ashley Jones and Mayor Mae Umphlett unveiled the permanent LOVEworks on a cold and sunny Saturday, March 20.

The project has resulted from a partnership involving the town and the Virginia Tourism Corporation, which promotes the signs called LOVEworks, said Jones. The goal is to “showcase the hardworking men and women of the area who provide its stability and amazing quality of life. Each aspect of the sign is centered around the biggest industries around. The water, farming, forestry and watermen and waterwomen are the focal point for each letter showcased.”

Umphlett thanked….[to-view-more]