Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Spring Trial winners announced

From left are Shooting Dog stake winners. judge Johnny Lewis of Quinton Oaks, Verlene Stephenson with Heart, Jimmy Crandall with Mugsy, Lee Flanders with Hoss and Judge Garrett Preis of Kinsale.

The Lancaster County Field Trial Association hosted its 53rd annual Spring Trial at Beane’s Farm in Lancaster on Saturday, January 24.   

Winners of the Puppy stake were first, Lee Flanders with Gypsy; second, Phil Townley with Ellie Mae; and third, Mitch Forrester and Jimmy Crandall with Jake, reported Tammy Crandall. 

The Derby winners were first, Flanders with Jack; second, Flanders with Bo; and third, John Oliver with Hoss, said Tammy Crandall.

In the Shooting Dog stake, Heart, owned by Verlene Stephenson, placed first; second, Crandall with Mugsy; and third, Flanders with Hoss, she said.