Step into the wild west for a cut and a shave at White Stone Barber Shop

AnnGardner Eubank

by AnnGardner Eubank

The wild west is now just around the corner in Kristie Williams’ new barber shop  in the heart of White Stone.

Williams opened the White Stone Barber Shop at 814 Rappahannock Drive in mid-October. The shop is bringing a western flare with a saloon aesthetic to the downtown business district.

Williams, who recently moved back to her original hometown in Middlesex after spending almost a decade in Oregon and Idaho, has been cutting men’s hair for years around the country.

“I was an Army wife and I always had a pair of clippers on me so I’d always be the one to cut the guys’ hair,” Williams said.

After discovering she had a knack for shearing and styling, she opened up shop while in Oregon and ran….[to-view-more]