Strike Fighter Squadron 87 honors the life of Rear Admiral Chase

Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 87 flies in missing-man formation over Weems.

Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 87 on July 17 honored the life of retired Rear Admiral Henri Bertram Chase III with a missing-man formation during a memorial service at Claybrook Baptist Church in Weems.

The tradition of the missing-man formation dates back to World War I and World War II to honor those lost during the war. Today, the formation is reserved only for funerals, memorials and other solemn events honoring those who have passed.  The formation starts in a V-shaped “finger four” pattern and as they approach the ceremony, the second pilot—representing the missing service member—abruptly pulls up and out of the formation while the remainder of the formation continues in level flight.

“He loved aviation, loved his country…[to-view-more]