Students making music and memories

Lancaster Primary School music students on May 9 performed for staff, visitors and Lancaster County Virginia Education Foundation board members.

The foundation previously awarded music teacher Brittany Cornelius a mini-grant to purchase ukuleles for her students.

“I did receive a $500 grant, which helped us to pay for the ukuleles. I asked friends, families and acquaintances what they remember most from music. I’m sure you may have the same answer-recorders,” said Cornelius.

“Often you hear about recorders; however, I wanted to do something different, something they would remember. The ukulele program allowed me to showcase teamwork, collaboration, hard work, not giving up and creativity,” she said.

“I craved for the students to have something to be proud of and I believe I found that when I started the program. I have seen highs and lows, successes and moments to learn. The students worked very hard this year, moving up belts, similar to that of karate.

“The students have written melodies and songs, and read music while performing on their ukuleles. I was bursting with pride when I see how far they have come and the songs they create. They are incredibly talented and have great potential. ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.’ I am thankful that my vision of a ukulele program came to pass. Thank you,” said Cornelius.