Teachers and organizations can apply for AITC grants

Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) program is offering more than $30,000 to help educators and related groups integrate agriculture into classroom curriculums.

In the past, more than 100 grants have helped connect more than 35,000 children to agriculture. The grants are designed to help educators implement agricultural projects in their classrooms.

The AITC Garden Grant helps fund the cost of school gardens or greenhouses. The AITC Agriculture Experience Grant program funds projects that provide students with farm-themed field trips, farm field days and embryology units.

“These grants provide an avenue to give children and youth hands-on experiences and an opportunity to learn about where their food comes from, ranging from a farm day at school to creating a learning garden,” said Tammy Maxey, Virginia AITC senior education manager. “Additionally, children learn about the variety of career opportunities needed to feed their communities and the world.”

Teachers and other organizations—including 4-H clubs and FFA chapters that work with schools and parent-teacher associations—may apply for the grants.

Applications are due September 15 and are available at www.agclassroom.org/va/teachers/grants.cfm.

Grant applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance status by October 1.