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Volunteer tutors continue to make an impact

Lancaster students are in firmly established routines with their tutors at this point in the school year.

Expectations have been set and relationships have been built between tutors, staff and students, reported coordinator Gayle Sterrett.

Every Thursday, 14 tutors work with 27 students at all three of Lancaster’s schools. Heidi Wilkins-Corey, Terrie Dustin, Grace Ann Miller and Pauline Sulick tutor students at the primary school. Anne and Charlie Costello, Alexis Forrester, Bill Gesell, Ann Hetrick, Larry Kight, Keith Meberg, Frank Miller and Jessica Servis meet with middle schoolers. At the high school, Carolyn Young has been tutoring a student in geometry.

Wilkins-Corey began volunteering in 2018 and works with students in pre-K, and grades 2 and 3. She also has an education background and two sisters who are educators. One sister, Jennifer Bershaw, teaches second, and it was she who encouraged Wilkins-Corey to tutor.

It is satisfying to know that her presence matters to her children, and, when she sees the smiles on their faces as they greet her at every session, she feels rewarded, she said.

Dustin is in her second year at…