Waller Solar Project submits special exception application in Lancaster; informational session set August 26

2023-09-19 | 11:58h
2023-09-19 | 11:58h
Rappahannock Record
Rappahannock Record
Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—The Waller Solar Project, a 131 MWac solar electric generation facility in the Nuttsville-Alfonso-Miskimon area, recently filed a special exception request with Lancaster County, a first step in a long process.

According to documents filed with the county, over 2,400 acres have been leased for the project with roughly 60% of the acreage being managed timber. There are four clusters of parcels along the transmission line running through the county: 355 acres off of Mary Ball Road in Nuttsville; 380 acres off of Alfonso Road between Mary Ball Road and Lara Road; 293 acres off of Field Trial Road near Chilton Woods State Forest; and the bulk of the project, 1,386 acres, off of Lara Road and Courthouse Road. A proposed substation would be erected near Mohan’s Run Road, where the transmission line runs between Mary Ball Road and Lara Road.

Not all of that acreage will be covered with solar….[to-view-more]


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