Waters Edge offers to take care of growing investments in landscaping

by Jackie Nunnery

Jason Anderson and the Waters Edge crew treat a fungal disease on a large sycamore tree. The system “works much like an IV, with the tree taking up the treatment through its root system,” he said.

Being surrounded by so much lush greenery in the Northern Neck, it would be understandable to take the health of those plants for granted. However, when it comes to ornamental trees and shrubs in the landscape, Jason and Anna Anderson of Waters Edge, a specialty pruning and plant health care service, want to make sure that the time, energy and money spent in creating a backyard oasis does not go to waste.

The Anderson’s started their family-owned business last fall, dividing their time and customers between Louisa and Reedville. While traditional landscaping businesses focus on lawn….[to-view-more]