Whimsical artwork by Tommy Fox inaugurates new sculpture park

“Whether the viewer spends a moment looking up or an afternoon in the grass, I encourage them to ponder happily and dream with abandon,” said Tommy Fox, who created the Jumbo Wumbo Technico sculpture above.

The Chrysler Museum of Art recently broke ground on a new sculpture park at the intersection of Brambleton Avenue and Yarmouth Street in Downtown Norfolk.

Jumbo Wumbo Technico, a vibrant 32-foot sculpture by Richmond artist Tommy Fox, formerly of Kilmarnock, will anchor the space.

Jumbo Wumbo Technico was commissioned by a generous group of donors and gifted to the museum by J. Douglas Perry; Thomas L. Stokes Jr. and Joseph T. Waldo with support from Thomas W. Godfrey Jr.; Colonna’s Shipyard Inc.; John E. Payne Jr. and Thom White, Work Program Architects. Colonna’s Shipyard produced the “trunk” and “branches” of the structure at its facility.

The sculpture park sits at the…[to-view-more]