A life of community service

On Thursday, August 10, the Northumberland County Board of Supervisors recognized one of their own, District 5 supervisor Ronald Jett, who passed away Saturday, August 5. Following a moment of silence, chairman Richard Haynie said, “He was an asset on this board and he’s going to be missed. He’s been a very good friend of mine for 60-plus years, so I’m really going to miss him.” District 4 supervisor Tommy Tomlin recommended that everyone read Henry Lane Hull’s Excerpts column about Jett, summarizing, “He cared for the county and its employees, its students and its citizens. Civic pride was important to Ronnie and he sought to instill it in everyone else.” Jett’s obituary and Hull’s Excerpts both appeared in the August 10 issue of the Rappahannock Record. County offices were closed Tuesday, August 15, in remembrance. Photo by Jackie Nunnery