Capt. Billy Pipkin’s Fishing Line

Life is good: Fish are biting!

Allow your mind to drift into calm waters, with the sound of water tapping gently against the side of your boat, gulls calling in the distance…. then all of a sudden…Zzzzizzzz! the clicker on the reel peels out and prompts the crew to yell, “Fish on!” Oh yeah, life is good!

ABC’s of July fishing…

Anglers have distanced themselves from the negativity of the evening news and chosen to find enjoyment in the great fishing our region has to offer this month. A variety of species are available throughout the region. This presents options for both near shore and deep water fishing.

Bluefish action has improved greatly this month. Near shore, there are good numbers of snapper blues in the 1 pound class swimming among schools of baitfish. Although trolling is the best method of catching them, casting lures works well when they are found actively feeding in the schools of bait. Larger bluefish can be found around areas of structure. These locations include the target ships off Smith and Tangier Islands, the many local artificial reefs and edges of the main shipping channel.

Cobia, one of the most formidable inshore fish, are known to grow to lengths of over 60 inches and amass weights up to 100 pounds. Since early June, the conversation among anglers has revolved around this species.

The Cobia bite is hot. Boats can be seen…[to-view-more]