Central Middlesex Volunteer Rescue Squad closes; emergency service will not be interrupted

URBANNA—The Central Middlesex Volunteer Rescue Squad (CMVRS) in Urbanna was dissolved on December 31, 2017, due to a lack of volunteers to run the squad, reported CMVRS treasurer Cindy Kellar. A paid emergency medical service staff is now serving the upper portion of Middlesex County.

“We want to make sure no one panics, thinking that there will be no emergency medical services (EMS) on duty,” said Kellar. “The upper end of the county is still being serviced by Emergency Service Solutions (ESS) and will still operate at the building in Urbanna for the time being.”

While details have not totally been worked out, the objective is for the Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue Squad of Deltaville to take over the volunteer operations in January, while still maintaining the ESS crew…