Chesapeake Academy welcomes new students

Chesapeake Academy welcomed 30 new students to campus for the 2017-18 school year, reported head of school Julianne Keesee.

Joining the prekindergarten 3 & 4 class are Annabel Clair, the daughter of John and Jennifer Clair; June Nichols, the daughter of David and Ivana Nichols; Violet Edmonds, the daughter of Donald and Kimberly Edmonds; Weston Kenner, the son of Jason and Gentry Kenner; Noel Wessinger, the son of William and Graciela Wessinger; and Lucas Rafael, the son of Allan Rafael and Lena Okun.

Also, Mason Shelton, the son of Steven and Whitney Shelton; John Stephen Weddle, the son of John and Alison Weddle; Colton Mothershead, the son of John and Kristen Mothershead; Benton Mille, the son of Bryan and Jennifer Miller; and Brantley Chance, the son of Alan and Megan Chance.

Joining the kindergarten class are Veronica Edmonds, the daughter of Donald and Kimberly Edmonds; Finley Burke, the son of Justin and Melissa Burke; Emory Simmons, the daughter of Rawleigh and Susan Simmons; Julian Hart, the son of Allison Hart; Nolan Pittman, the son of Robert and Sarah Beth Pittman; Brendan Beuchelt, the son of Chris and Jennifer Beuchelt; and Sophia Davis, the daughter of Danielle Davis.

Joining the first grade are Lucas Claire and Henry Claire, the sons of John and Jennifer Clair; Madison Howell, the daughter of Joshua and Megan Howell; and Jacour Mullings, the son of Chamaria Dillon.

Joining the second grade is Khloe Ridgell, the daughter of Kelly Ridgell.

Joining the third grade is Delaney Bowman, the daughter of Jesse and Mary Bowman; Eliza Leo, the daughter of Benjamin and Lauren Leo; and Joshua Hall, the son of Jamie and Elizabeth Hall.

Joining the fourth grade is Nathan Meberg, the son of Keith Meberg and Patricia Monge-Meberg.

Joining the sixth grade is Layla Leo, the daughter of Benjamin and Lauren Leo; and Gavin Simpson, the son of Richard and Kendra Simpson.

Joining the seventh grade is Claire Beitel, the daughter of Richard and Kari Beitel,