Do You Remember The Texacos?

by Carroll Lee Ashburn

The Philadelphia Hobos had a pitcher named Herman “Big Bear” Skea who liked to pitch while on stilts, tall stilts. Talk about a strange looking ball coming at you; it was definitely difficult to hit.

Herman was joined on the team by hard hitting “Slugger” Bob Smith, “Slippery Eel” McVeel, “Baby Jane” McVeigh, “Mighty Mike” Siciliano, “Stretch” Hunter, “Baby Huey” Terzyk, “Umbrella Man” Van Artsdalen, “Jimbo” Bruce, “Rumber” Messatzzia, and ”Bones” Steinbrecher. Their coach was “Big Moose” Smith and their umpire—yes, you read right, they brought their own umpire—was Charlie Dahms. Better known as “One Eye,” he was known at…[to-view-more]