Farm market is a ‘natural progression’ for longtime family seafood business

Shoppers browse the gifts, groceries and gear at Kellum Farms Produce & Seafood.

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

“I’ve always had a thing for farms,” said Thomas “Tommy” E. Kellum of W. E. Kellum Seafood Inc. in Weems. Combine Tommy’s penchant for produce with a need for a retail outlet for fresh seafood, and Kellum Farms Produce & Seafood was born.

Customers filed in and out of the produce and seafood market on a hectic Labor Day holiday weekend, which coincidentally marked its one-year-plus-a-week anniversary. They entered empty-handed and emerged with armfuls of corn, tomatoes, fresh fish and homemade ice cream.

The farm market at 3413 Irvington Road, Irvington, is a natural extension…[to-view-more]