Glide Fit launches at Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center pool

Equipment is provided, including a rectangular board designed to give the body a comprehensive workout.

Get ready, get fit and glide into a fitness activity that is the first of its kind in the Middle Peninsula.

Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center in Gloucester will offer a new Glide Fit program.

Picture improving fitness above the water on what looks like a paddleboard, or a floating yoga mat, and that’s Glide Fit. Only instead of paddling, a series of exercises improves core, balance and endurance.

“No one else on the Middle Peninsula has anything like it,” said Rance Bryant, director of Riverside’s Wellness and Fitness Centers. “It’s just a floating exercise mat on the water. And the big thing is anybody can do it.”

The only requirement is being able to pull yourself up to a standing position…[to-view-more]