Rocket Billy’s changes hands

Megan Schiffres

by Megan Schiffres

Notorious local eatery Rocket Billy’s, which has served the greater White Stone community for over 18 years, was sold to new owners earlier this month.

Located in the Lamberth Building Materials parking lot at 851 Rappahannock Drive, Rocket Billy’s quickly became a popular dining spot with neighborhood residents and visiting customers of the construction supply company.

“There’s really nowhere to eat around here except for 7-11 and Little Sue’s. You’ve got the expensive seafood restaurants and stuff like that, but nowhere people can come in and get something to eat like a nice breakfast sandwich,” said new co-owner Kelley Lally.

This permanently parked food concession trailer was established by Billy and Barbara Ancarrow, who became famous in the community for their loving customer service and hearty breakfast foods. Billy Ancarrow died earlier this month, and in his memory, the new owners have decided to keep…[to-view-more]