Sheriffs’ Reports 11-21-19

Lancaster County Sheriff Patrick McCranie this week reported charges against six individuals.


Jason Michael Verlander, 30, of Lancaster was charged November 13 with malicious assault and strangulation resulting in bodily injury.

Michael Anthony Baublitz, 36, of Kilmarnock was charged November 15 with maliciously shooting into an occupied building and violation of pretrial services.


A Lancaster woman, 18, was charged November 12 with assault and battery of a family member.

A Kilmarnock man, 32, was charged November 14 with reckless use of a firearm while engaged in hunting; transporting a firearm while being the subject of a protective order; soliciting, urging, encouraging, instigating others to trespass knowing that such person had been forbidden to do so; trespassing to hunt; and posting a “no hunting” sign on the land of another without consent.

An Irvington man, 32, was charged November 15 with contempt of court, failure to appear.

A Weems woman, 47, was charged November 16 with violation of pretrial release.

Activity Report

November 11: Staff responded to the 8000 block of River Road to investigate a vehicle fire, and to the 500 block of Wilson Lane for a domestic disturbance.

November 12: Staff responded to the 300 block of Lumberlost Trail for vandalism, to the 13400 block of River Road for a suicidal person, to the 100 block of Redwood Lane for a single-vehicle traffic crash, to Lancaster Shores for reckless drivers, to the 100 block of Alfonso Road for a verbal dispute, and to the 200 block of Beach Road for an assault.

November 13: Staff responded to the 400 block of Campbell Road for a child custody issue, to the 300 block of Cherry Point Drive for suspicious activity, and to the 5300 block of Mary Ball Road to check the welfare of a resident after receiving a report from a relative.

November 14: Staff responded to the 1000 block of Weems Road for a shot fired into an occupied dwelling, and to the 2400 block of River Road for an overdose of a prescription medication.

November 15: Staff responded to the 100 block of Owings Court for a two-vehicle traffic crash, and to the 400 block of Aquilla Point Drive for trespassing.

November 16: Staff responded to Hoecake Road for threats made to harm another, to the 900 block of Rappahannock Drive for credit card fraud and larceny, to the White Stone area for a reckless driver, to Lumberlost Road for gun shots, and to the 100 block of Hickory Road for the larceny of four firearms.

November 17: Staff responded to the 1000 block of Light Street to assist the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) with a fight in progress, to the 100 block of Joyful Way for a verbal disagreement, to the 100 block of School Street to assist the Kilmarnock Police Department with a trespasser who refuses to leave, to the 6300 block of Windmill Point Road for a single-vehicle traffic crash, to the 400 block of Chesapeake Drive for an intoxicated person threatening others, and to the 1100 block of Mosquito Point Road to assist emergency medical services (EMS).

Staff also conducted 12 traffic stops, issued six summonses, assisted three motorists, recorded five deer strike accidents, handled five calls for traffic control, investigated six building alarms, logged an inmate transport, received three E911 hang-up calls, and fielded four calls for animal control service.

Fire calls

The Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire on River Road, a request to setup a landing zone on River Road, a structure fire on Browns Store Road, a propane smell on Mary Ball Road and with the Kilmarnock VFD to a possible electrical fire on Mary Ball Road.

The Kilmarnock VFD also responded to separate traffic crashes on Redwood Lane and Owings Court, a vehicle fire on William B. Graham Court and separate fire/smoke alarms on Club Drive and Bel Mer Way.

The White Stone VFD responded to a fire/smoke alarm on Oyster Point and a traffic crash on Windmill Point Road.

EMS calls

For November 10-16, the Kilmarnock-Lancaster Volunteer Rescue Squad, Upper Lancaster Volunteer Rescue Squad and Lancaster County Emergency Services responded to 36 calls, including 20 medical emergencies, six injuries, two traffic accidents, six fires and two other calls.

Northumberland County Sheriff James R. “Doc” Lyons this week reported charges against four individuals.


Robert Henry Griffin IV, 34, of Heathsville was charged November 4 on a capias to show cause for failing to obey court orders.


A Lottsburg man, 21, was charged November 15 with driving under the influence of alcohol, first offense, and possession of marijuana, second-plus offense. He also was charged with a defective exhaust system.

A Heathsville woman, 52, was charged November 16 with writing a bad check to a business in Kilmarnock. This was a Lancaster County warrant served by NCSO.

A Reedville woman, 34, was charged November 16 on a direct indictment from the Richmond County Circuit Court for delivering drugs (synthetic) to a prisoner. This was served by NCSO.