Smith Point Sea Rescue Report

Smith Point Sea Rescue (SPSR) vice president Jim Bullard reported crews recently responded to the following calls for assistance:

July 5: At 12:04 p.m., SPSR received a report of a disabled jet ski on the shore at Bon Harbor on the Yeocomico River. Rescue 3 with a crew of three was dispatched from Lodge Creek. After locating the 14-foot vessel, the crew tied up at a nearby dock and walked the tow line to the boat. The crew towed the boat to Olverson’s Marina for repairs. Time on call, 1.5 hours.

July 5: At 3 p.m., the captain of a 25-foot Carolina Classic called 911 to report he was out of fuel near buoy “C3” in the mouth of the Potomac River. Rescue 1 with a crew of three located the vessel and provided five gallons of gas. The engine started then failed repeatedly. Rescue 1 then towed the vessel and its two occupants to Smith Point Marina for repairs. Time on call, 3 hours.

July 13: At 1 p.m., residents along Bridge Creek reported that a 45-foot sailboat had been anchored for several days with no activity. Rescue 1 was asked to perform a wellness check. A crew of four approached the sailboat and found no one…