Stephen Reed 

Stephen Reed

KILMARNOCK—Stephen Reed passed away on August 28, 2022.

He was born to Adrienne B. Gunderson and Dr. Paul A. Reed in Lincoln, Nebraska, on March 28, 1927. He grew up with his sister, Susan, in the small town of Desler, Nebraska, where his father was a country doctor running a tiny hospital—and where his mother was a nurse.

At the age of 17, during World War II, Steve joined the Navy and served as a second class seaman on a mine sweeping ship for two years before attending the University Of Denver where he received a Prudence Degree Of Law.

It was in Denver where Steve met his future wife, Marilyn Reams, who was attending nurse’s training at that time. They married on September 12, 1952.

Steve and Marilyn had three children, Andrew, Jenny and Amy. They moved throughout the U.S. over the next 20 years, living in Denver, Colo., Dallas, Texas, San Francisco, Calif., Westport, Conn., Richmond, Los Ángeles, Calif., and the Northern Neck.

Steve had an enthusiasm and eagerness for life! Together with his wife, Marilyn, this happily married couple relished in travel and adventure!

Steve loved to sail and always had a large sailboat when he and his family lived near the water. He also sailed extensively in the Caribbean.

Always active, Steve played tennis, golfed, skied, hiked and sailed. He was also creative in the arts, both as a painter and as a guitar player.

Steve blessed us all with kindness, caring, generosity, intelligence, creativity and fun! He was a wonderful provider, father to his children and partner to his wife, Marilyn, whom he remained happily married to for almost 70 years, until she passed.

He will be remembered as a man who was helpful and generous with his knowledge, time and energy—and a man who lived with integrity, honesty and a sincere regard and respect for his family and friends – and the world at large. He will be forever loved and missed!

Reed is survived by two of his children, Jenny Reed and Amy Reed; son-in-law, Gary McAdam; and granddaughters, Kristen Reed Welf and Sophia Reed Welf.