Virginia Brown honored by Hospice Regatta

The skipper who wins the 2017 Hospice Regattas Championship will get to take home the Virginia Brown Inspiration Trophy.

How many 2017 hospice regatta sailors ever met Virginia Brown or know who she is? Yet if it weren’t for her, there wouldn’t be a championship and there might not be any hospice regattas at all.

Virginia Holland Brown helped set up the original Hospice Cup Regatta in Annapolis in 1982. Almost 20 years later, she helped create the National Hospice Regatta Alliance, which began presenting the annual championship in 2000.

By introducing and advocating the idea of running sailing regattas to raise awareness and funds for hospice care, Brown created a fundraising event model that inspired others. While that first event in Annapolis had just 19 boats, there are now additional charity regattas that have raised, collectively, some $25 million to support hospice services in their local communities.

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