Whimsical chamber program planned for Oct. 9 at Good Luck

Northern Neck Orchestra musicians Eric Jacobson and Malia Hutchison rehearse P.D.Q. Bach’s “Sonata for Viola Four Hands.” Photo by Christiane Jacobson

The Northern Neck Orchestra will present “Matching Wits with Mozart,” featuring the musical humor of Beethoven, Haydn, Gilbert and Sullivan, Mozart, Richard Strauss and P.D.Q. Bach at 2 p.m. October 9 at Good Luck Cellars, 1025 Goodluck Road, Kilmarnock. 

Tickets are $30 and may be purchased at the door or www.northernneckorchestra.org. Students are admitted at no charge.

“While few people associate classical music and its composers with humor, this concert will vividly demonstrate that is not true—revealing hidden jokes, subtle pokes and an occasional hoax,” said the orchestra’s Eric Jacobson. 

He said the whimsical program, to be performed by an ensemble of musicians from the Northern Neck Orchestra, provides answers to questions no one is asking like, did Beethoven always scowl?

The concert will show that Beethoven wrote a piece spoofing his own music and another in the rhythm of a Brazilian samba, said Jacobsen.

“I’m not saying that Beethoven was an early 19th century Henny Youngman, but even he didn’t take himself seriously all of the time,” he said…[to-view-more]