130 surveys returned to assist school board’s new superintendent selection

The Lancaster school board met March 22 to review a summary of superintendent survey results provided by Virginia School Board Association executive director Gina Patterson. From left are school board clerk Debbie Parks and members Kenya Moody, District 2; chairman Audrey Thomasson, District 3; Joan Gravatt, District 4; Katherine Keith, District 1; and Carolyn Young, District 5.
Elizabeth Cogar

by Elizabeth Cogar

As part of the process of hiring a new superintendent in Lancaster, residents were invited to complete a Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) survey that was posted online and available at the three schools and the school board office March 13-20. The public indicated their preferences regarding qualities the new superintendent should have.

The school board held a work session March 22 to review a summary of survey results provided by VSBA executive director Gina Patterson. Approximately 130 people responded including 52 parents, 23 teachers and 18 “others” including concerned citizens, retired teachers, taxpayers and parents of alumni.

According to the VSBA summary, the following were the top answers….