98-year-old attributes longevity to a healthy routine

Marion Mitchell drives a 1984 Toyota Celica GT, which bears the license plate, IMANTQ—I’m an antique. She explains the tag describes both the car and the driver. On December 28, Mitchell celebrated her 98th birthday.

Offering assurances that both she and the car are still in good working order, Mitchell attributes this to proper care and maintenance. This dedication to fitness is also evident in her exercise routine, reported community development specialist Tom Martin. Every Monday and Friday, she is in the front row of the YES (Young Energetic Seniors) class at the Northern Neck Family YMCA in Kilmarnock.

Mitchell humbly attributes her longevity to a good upbringing and a wholesome lifestyle. She had wonderful, supportive parents and a good education, said Martin. She earned a bachelor’s in home economics from Washington State University. She has travelled around the world and incorporated her love of hiking into many of these trips. One of which included a climbing a New Zealand volcano crater at the age of 80.

Even so, she believes the secret to staying healthy is having a routine, said Martin. She walks every day and faithfully attends the YES class twice a week. The class is designed to help seniors perform daily activities by improving their cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Attending the YES class also provides Mitchell…