An alleged act of hate brings a show of support

by Jackie Nunnery

One of the organizers of the unity rally, Rev. Dr. Tyron Williams, speaks before the crowd gathered outside the Lancaster County Courthouse prior to Jason Michael Verlander’s bond hearing.

LANCASTER—It takes about five minutes to make the roughly one-mile trip from the Tri-Star Supermarket to Walmart in Kilmarnock, but for Rev. Booker D. Carter Sr. and his wife those few minutes “seemed to last forever” recently, and they say those few minutes have forever changed their lives.

Carter and his wife allege that they were terrorized by Jason Michael Verlander of White Stone on Sunday, June 14, as they drove, trying to escape a torrent of racial slurs and aggressive driving that culminated in the Walmart parking lot.

According to the criminal complaint, Carter and his wife were on Irvington Road, waiting to make a left turn into Tri-Star Supermarket when Verlander allegedly came up beside them on a motorcycle, “yelling profane language and racial slurs.” The Carters decided to change their plans and turn…[to-view-more]