‘An Evening with Old Broads’ to open May 10

“An Evening with Two Fabulous Old Broads in Three Acts,” featuring Donna Smith and Rebecca Tebbs Nunn, will open May 10 at the Lancaster Playhouse, 361 Chesapeake Drive, White Stone.

Smith and Nunn will each play three different and diverse characters. Smith will reprise a role she did 10 years ago when she plays Virginia Carpelotti in a monologue from “Thirteen Things About Ed Carpelotti.” Nunn will open the show with her alter ego, Modine Gunch, who hails from Scratch Ankle Falls, Ga.

In the second act, the two veteran actresses will portray Mildred Trimble and Phoebe Schmidt, two friends who reside at the Sunshine Trailer Park in Silver Springs, Fla., in an anonymously written one-act play entitled “Footprints.” The two discuss a myriad of topics including the moon, canasta, Cher, spaceships, the flea market, dead poets and their late husbands…