Artistic Ramseys take over Nook Gallery for September

The Nook Gallery at the RAL Art Center (RALAC), 19 North Main Street, Kilmarnock, will host an exhibit by Ed and Sue Ramsey during September.

The artistic Ramsey duo has been interested in arts and crafts since before their marriage 55 years ago. They have lived in other countries and have visited over 50 others. They began working more seriously on their own artistic interests after retirement, taking classes and workshops.

“I prefer to fire my pots by the raku and wood firing methods. Some of my pots are thrown on the wheel, but my preference is hand building,” said Ed Ramsey, an award-winning potter.

Each of his pieces chosen for the exhibit began as a flat slab of two-dimensional clay which was worked into a three-dimensional piece. His pieces can be both functional and decorative. Many pieces mirror life on the river with stylized fish, oysters and shells created from models cast in plaster to be replicated and then applied to a vessel, bowl or plate, he added…