Because You Are Polite

by Ginger Philbrick

I’m not sure whether this question belongs in the area of etiquette, but I would like to know what one can do when confronted with people in public places such as stores who are not wearing protection against this fearsome virus. I have an illness which could easily worsen if I contracted COVID 19, and I get angry when I see what I think is disregard for others. However, I am not comfortable with confrontation.

Cap’n. Will, White Stone

Just last weekend I was talking with people who asked if I had received that very same question. They and I both have been surprised at the varying reactions of people among whom we live to what we consider a real and present danger.

Although we in the lower Northern Neck have been most fortunate, or blessed, to have had only single digit cases of COVID-19 to date, government and private health officials have said that the danger is not over and that there is a credible chance that those rural areas that have not been affected so far are likely to begin experiencing illness due to asymptomatic people as well as increased movement among populations.

Your concern, Cap’n. Will, most definitely belongs in the realm of etiquette. Good manners/etiquette/civility/care for those among whom we live all are founded on the practice of respect. Wearing a mask and, on occasion, gloves, is a show of respect when we are in a group or…[to-view-more]