Blue Devils knock Red Devils out of postseason action

Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

The Red Devils couldn’t find their rhythm last Wednesday night and Mathews (MHS) pulled away in the third quarter to put an end to Lancaster’s (LHS) varsity boys basketball season.

The Blue Devils held LHS to a pair of field goals in the third quarter to open up a four-point halftime lead and go on to knock the Red Devils out of postseason play. Mathews’ Caleb Thomas scored a game-high 27 points and was just 10 points shy of Lancaster’s total in Mathews’ 54-37 Region 1A semifinal win.

The Blue Devils went on to play top-ranked Colonial Beach (CBHS) in Montross last Saturday, where the Drifters beat MHS, 78-61, in the tournament championship. CBHS earned a home berth in…[to-view-more]